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Small Office Solutions

At URS we understand that small and medium sized companies have unique needs and budgetary constraints, and we've spent much of our 30 years in business tailoring solutions to meet these requirements.

  • Are you looking for a proven resource for your IT responsibilities?
  • Do you have a specific project you can't get off your "to do" list?
  • Does your company want Internet access or a greater Internet presence?
  • Is your MIS staff overloaded and undermanned?
  • Does your company's IT infrastructure rely on a moonlighter helping you at his or her convenience?

URS is a fully staffed IT solutions provider with a 30+ year heritage built on superior customer service. Our certified partnerships with technology leaders such as IBM and Microsoft help us provide flexible and comprehensive solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

By leveraging our unique combination of expertise with applications from companies such as 3Com, Cisco Systems, HP, and Compaq, URS can design, implement, and maintain your business IT systems. From WAN to the desktop, URS provides complete support for the ideal end-to-end solution.

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