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URS launched in 1969 as an IBM accounting machine services company with General Electric as its inaugural client. In those days IBM systems utilized cardpunch technology that was referred to as Unit Record Equipment. Hence, URS stood for Unit Record Services. A unit record was defined as one 80-column card being one record that could contain up to 80 bits of information.

In the mid-1970s URS expanded its capabilities by offering leasing and maintenance services for peripheral products such as terminals, printers, and controllers that were connected to mainframes.

During the personal computer revolution, URS shifted its focus from mainframe computers to the desktop and broadened its product and service lines, as well as its customer base. In 1985 the company changed its name to URS Information Systems to reflect the evolution from centralized to decentralized technology solutions. During this period, URS recognized that manufacturers were flooding the market with thousands of products but were providing little or no support for the end user. URS made the commitment to provide customers with full lifecycle services to help them use the new technologies effectively.

URS' attentiveness to market conditions and customers is demonstrated in its longevity and success. Over the past 30 years URS has grown from a start-up service firm to a $15 million IT solutions and services provider with more than 400 customers.


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