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Zone Labs -- Endpoint Security

Zone Labs created the market for endpoint security software with their initial product Zone Alarm (20+ million licensed users). The enterprise version of this technology, which has been adopted by more than 800 corporations, is Integrity Enterprise Edition. Protecting the client endpoints has become an increasing priority as the percentage of workers that have gone mobile has risen. Many corporations have 40% or more of the workforce working from a home office or other remote location. Road warriors are plugging into the corporate network from home, airports, hotels, etc. This constant switching from the untrusted to the trusted network creates significant risk to the corporate network. An employee can easily acquire a Trojan horse through e-mail or file download and then plug into the network, giving the hacker access to sensitive data.

Hackers understand this exposure and are attacking the network from its most vulnerable points…the endpoints. They have learned that the VPN, anti-virus, intrusion detection and firewall technology are no match for the current generation of malicious code like MSBlaster, So.Big.F, Spyware and Trojans. To secure the network against these types of attacks an endpoint security solution is necessary to complement the other corporate network security components.

URS and Zone Labs

URS is the preferred Premier Partner resource for Zone Labs in the northeast. URS has trained Zone Labs engineers that can help you better understand endpoint security as well as assist with a software evaluation. URS Information Systems has been in business for 32 years and is focused on service and providing best-of-breed solutions for our customers.

For additional information or to evaluate Zone Labs Integrity Enterprise software, please email pguerin@ursinfo.com or call 978-694-9039 x148. Qualified and certified Zone Labs Integrity professionals will be responsive to your requests or inquiries.

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